As we learn important and helpful information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how it might affect the Italian community in North Carolina, we will post it below. These are reports shared by the Honorary Consulate of Italy in North Carolina and have been passed to that office by the Consul General of Italy in Philadelphia. The most recent reports will be at the top.


Please be sure to follow all the guidelines set forth by our governing agencies. We hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this time.

July 17, 2020 - Re-closing the Honorary Consulate

Due to increasing cases of COVID-19, the Honorary Consulate of Italy to North Carolina is again closing the office. Anyone currently signed up for a Passport time slot has been contacted individually to reschedule for the beginning of next week. Please be on the lookout for that message. Anyone who was hoping to schedule an appointment during our open July hours needs to contact by 5pm on Monday, July 20th. The office will schedule a time and day for you to come between Tuesday, July 21st and Monday, July 27th in the late afternoon/early evening. Thank you for your understanding.

July 8, 2020

Thank you for your patience while our office worked to reschedule people who had appointments prior to the COVID-19 office closure. To schedule a passport appointment, please email us at You will receive information and instructions on next steps.

July 2, 2020

A seguito della raccomandazione concordata solo oggi pomeriggio in sede UE, è stata adottata un’ordinanza del Ministro della salute per un primo adeguamento delle nostre regole al nuovo quadro europeo. L’ordinanza sarà pubblicata domani in Gazzetta ufficiale.

E’ un provvedimento-ponte, che resterà in vigore al massimo fino al 14 luglio (quando scadono le misure di contenimento del Covid attualmente in vigore). L’urgenza ha determinato l’approccio minimalista, a fronte di sensibilità abbastanza diversificate tra le varie amministrazioni e dell’esigenza di adattare la raccomandazione all’impostazione da noi seguita più di 3 mesi. Nel prossimo DPCM si potranno fare interventi più significativi, se ce ne saranno le condizioni. E’ importante, al riguardo, monitorare come si regoleranno i più importanti partner UE.

Le principali novità sono:

-          si consentono i viaggi per studio da e per qualsiasi destinazione;

-          si consente, a prescindere dalla motivazione, l’ingresso in Italia di cittadini e residenti UE e loro stretti familiari conviventi (coniuge, partner, figli fino a 21 anni, genitori conviventi, altri familiari dipendenti per ragioni di disabilità);

-          si consente, a prescindere dalla motivazione, l’ingresso in Italia dei residenti in 14 Paesi extra Ue e Schengen (Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Giappone, Montenegro, Marocco, Nuova Zelanda, Ruanda, Serbia, Repubblica di Corea, Tailandia, Tunisia, Uruguay).

Chi entra da Paesi diversi da UE, Schengen, UK e microstati europei continua ad essere sottoposto a quarantena (salvo casi di esclusione già previsti, peraltro abbastanza ampi).

Allego anche le nuove faq e il nuovo modulo (evidenziate le modifiche rispetto a versione precedente). Nei prossimi giorni probabilmente dovremo rimettere mano a entrambi, ma per ora fa premio l’urgenza.

June 8, 2020


Please note: In regards to the Honorary Consulate of Italy to North Carolina's limited reopening, we are contacting people with previous appointments first. No one new will be serviced yet. Do not call any Consulate staff directly. It is never allowed to call staff on their personal devices. All communication must go through the official channels. However, please do not call or email the office at this time, as this will only slow down the process. If you want an appointment you must wait until the announcement is made regarding time slots. Then, and only then, should you email the Consulate office as per the instructions. Thank you for your cooperation.


June 2, 2020

RE: Limited Reopening of the Honorary Consulate of Italy to North Carolina

The Honorary Consulate of Italy to North Carolina will resume limited services in June. Please be patient while we work to serve everyone during this unprecedented time.

The Honorary Consulate has already received many calls and emails for services during lockdown, as well as had to cancel previously scheduled appointments. We will first contact these individuals to schedule their appointments and then open time slots up to the public. Please note that the office is closed to walk-ins; appointments are necessary to receive any service.

In order to ensure the safety of consulate staff and visitors, the following guidelines will be in effect:

• We will reduce the number of appointments to ensure social distancing and allow time for cleaning between visitors.
• Visitors will not be allowed to enter the facility prior to their appointment. If they arrive early, they must remain in their cars and proceed to the back door only at the time of their appointment.
• Only the person with the appointment will be allowed in the building (unless the appointment is for a minor and their legal guardian must accompany them). No spouses, children, or other family members can come in to wait while the appointment takes place.
• No one will be permitted in any other areas of the building, and there will be no waiting room and no access to the restrooms.
• All visitors will be required to:

o wear a facial covering, which may briefly need to be removed to confirm identity, if necessary;
o wear gloves, which may briefly need to be removed for fingerprinting, if necessary;
o use provided hand sanitizer;
o bring their own pen (black or blue ink only);
o bring the necessary payments as money order or cashier’s check only, as indicated below – no cash or personal checks will be accepted. Please note, any required payment is set by the Italian government. Our office does not charge for services. We collect the money and pay as instructed by the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia. The price (fees found here) and means of collection vary by service:

-For visas and passports: Postal (USPS) Money Order only, made out to the Consulate General of Italy, with applicant’s name and address as the remitter.

-For services needing the marche da bollo (procuras, certified copies, signature notarizations, etc.): money order or cashier’s check made out to Dr. Claudio
Carpano (who, in turn, bulk pays the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia every quarter)

• Individuals may not enter the facility or keep their appointment if they:

o Have any symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, fever, or difficulty breathing;
o Have been in close contact with anyone known or suspected to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days; or
o Have been individually directed to self-quarantine or self-isolate by a health care provider or public health official within the last 14 days.

Anyone not adhering to these guidelines will be turned away prior to their appointment.

For procura, the following additional changes will be in effect:

1. You send the procura prepared by your attorney in Italian, to, along with copy of your valid Italian password, and your valid NC Driver’s License.
2. We put the document on our official format and it is sent back to you for your review. You must immediately let us know if there are any errors.
3. You will be invited to a Google Meet video conference at least 2 days prior to your physical appointment. During this meeting, the procura will be officially read by our staff with you. You will need access to Google Meet to participate. If you have not used this before, please note that there will be a URL link in the calendar invite that starts with "". If you do not have a Gmail account or are not familiar with Google Meet, you will need to copy this URL and paste it into a Chrome browser. You will also need access to a computer with a video camera. If you do not have access to a computer, you will need to print a copy of the final document that you will receive from our office and you will be called via phone to review the document with our staff.
4. On the day of your physical appointment, you must bring:
a. Your money order or cashier’s check made out to Dr. Claudio Carpano;
b. Your actual, valid Italian passport;
c. Your actual, valid NC Driver’s License;
d. Your own blue or black pen;
o Your own mask and gloves, which are to be worn at all times (the mask may briefly need to be removed to confirm identity).
5. The meeting should only take 5min. During this time, your IDs will be checked, you will sign the copy of the document we will have preprinted with Dr. Carpano witnessing from the required 6ft. distance, and the marche da bollo will be attached.

May 18, 2020

E' stato pubblicato nella giornata di ieri il decreto legge per la "riapertura", disponibile al seguente link:

Come annunciato, riaprono le attività produttive e si consentono tutti i movimenti all'interno della Regione. I movimenti tra Regioni diverse e quelli da e per l'estero si liberalizzano dal 3 giugno, ma rimane la possibilità di porre restrizioni con DPCM. Per quanto riguarda più nello specifico le attività del MAECI, si segnalano in particolare le regole sui movimenti da e per l'estero, i cui punti essenziali sono i seguenti:

- dal 18 maggio al 2 giugno: i movimenti debbono ancora essere giustificati da esigenze di lavoro, salute o assoluta urgenza, ma si ampliano in modo significativo i casi in cui la quarantena non è più necessaria (tra le nuove eccezioni più significative: visite brevi in Italia senza quarantena per motivi non solo lavorativi, ma anche salute e assoluta urgenza; visite brevi per lavoro verso l'estero; ingresso di cittadini UE e residenti nella UE per motivi di lavoro senza limiti di durata; studenti transfrontalieri; diplomatici e funzionari internazionali; personale viaggiante di imprese di trasporto anche senza sede in Italia; San Marino esentata da quarantena con movimenti liberalizzati come se fosse parte delle Regioni Marche ed Emilia Romagna);  

- dal 3 giugno: liberalizzazione dei movimenti da e per UE, Schengen, UK e microstati europei (senza limitazioni di causa e senza obbligo di quarantena). Resta invece la necessità di giustificare i movimenti da e per Stati e territori diversi da questi e resta la quarantena almeno fino al 15 giugno.

Una prima revisione delle regole per l'estero di cui al paragrafo precedente potrà essere fatta anche prima della loro entrata in vigore, perché entro il 2 giugno dovrà essere comunque approvato un nuovo DPCM.


May 4, 2020

Service with New York suspended until 31 May pending the improvement of the epidemiological picture.


Alitalia announces that it has proceeded with the suspension of the Rome Fiumicino-New York JFK service from 5 to 31 May due to the marked slowdown in demand recorded in the last ten days of April and the worrying level of Covid-19 positive cases persistent in New York.


More specifically, on the 18 flights operated between 20 and 30 April, the Airline carried only 580 passengers, on average 32 per flight, with 12% load factor compared to the 4,675 seats offered. The high percentage of no-show in airports of passengers holding regular ticket was presumably determined, beside the current restrictions to the mobility, by the spread of Covid-19 in the New York area (169,000 positive cases, more than double incidence, compared to Lombardy, in relation to the population). With this in mind, the Airline considered the measure - as well as economically inevitable - also appropriate for the protection of its flight crew resting so far in the American city before entering in service.

Sospeso volo per New York in attesa miglioramento quadro epidemiologico.

Alitalia comunica di aver proceduto alla sospensione del collegamento Roma Fiumicino – New York JFK dal 5 al 31 maggio a causa del forte rallentamento della domanda registrato negli ultimi dieci giorni di aprile e del preoccupante livello di casistica positiva al Covid-19 persistente a New York.

Nello specifico, sui diciotto voli operati dalla Compagnia tra il 20 e il 30 aprile sono stati trasportati solo 580 passeggeri, mediamente 32 a volo, con un tasso di riempimento del 12 per cento rispetto ai 4.675 posti offerti.
L’alta percentuale di mancate presentazioni in aeroporto di passeggeri in possesso di regolare biglietto è stata presumibilmente determinata, oltre che dalle vigenti restrizioni alla mobilità, dalla diffusione del Covid-19 nell’area di New York (169mila casi positivi, incidenza più che doppia in rapporto alla popolazione rispetto alla Lombardia). In quest’ottica, la Compagnia ha ritenuto la misura – oltre che economicamente inevitabile – appropriata anche per la tutela del proprio personale navigante sinora in sosta nella città americana.

May 1, 2020

For boarding Alitalia flights, masks are required. For more information on safety please refer to the following website. Alitalia plans to maintain 1 flight per day from New York (JFK) to Rome (FCO) until May 5, 2020. In the following days, flights may be canceled, delayed, or suffer unforeseen changes. It is essential that passengers remain in direct contact with the carrier to ascertain the status of their flight. Domestic flights are subject to change based on the contingent situation.

Alitalia recommends using the company's website, where special rates are available for passengers wanting to buy a one-way flight from the US to Italy. The Italian Embassy in Washington underlines that flights to third countries with a connecting flight to Italy are also available.


April 8, 2020


CCI-NC will be donating $10,000 (that had previously been earmarked for 2020 events) to Atrium Health in Charlotte, that they will use to purchase facial masks according to their needs, from Textile Field USA. Also, as part of Textile Field's Rosso sponsorship, the company will deliver $2,500 worth of facial masks to UNC Health in Durham on behalf of CCI-NC.

April 6, 2020

#ItalyStayStrong. La campagna di raccolta fondi per l’emergenza Covid-19 lanciata

dall’Ambasciata d’Italia a Washington insieme alla Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation (ISSNAF), in raccordo con la rete consolare e culturale negli USA


Cari amici, 


l’emergenza COVID-19 ha posto l’Italia e gli Stati Uniti dinanzi a una sfida senza precedenti. L'Italia e gli italiani hanno risposto con coraggio: dai medici agli infermieri in prima linea, dagli agenti delle forze dell'ordine ai numerosi volontari, dalle imprese a tutti i cittadini che ogni giorno compiono grandi sacrifici. Durante l'emergenza, gli Stati Uniti d’America - l'Amministrazione, il settore privato, le organizzazioni no-profit e i numerosi amici americani - hanno mostrato forte solidarietà nei confronti del nostro Paese e popolo.


Alla luce di questa situazione, l'Ambasciata d'Italia a Washington e ISSNAF, in collaborazione con la rete consolare e culturale negli USA, hanno lanciato la campagna di raccolta fondi #ItalyStayStrong attraverso GoFundMe. I fondi saranno devoluti a tre istituti medici e di ricerca che sono attualmente in prima linea nel contrasto al coronavirus e nella lotta alla pandemia e che rappresentano centri di eccellenza nella ricerca su terapie e vaccini contro il COVID-19:


- l'Istituto Nazionale Lazzaro Spallanzani per le malattie infettive a Roma;
- l'Ospedale Luigi Sacco di Milano;
- l'Ospedale Cotugno di Napoli.


Le donazioni possono essere effettuate seguendo questo link.


Unitevi a noi nel sostenere la campagna #ItalyStayStrong, seguendoci sui social media e aiutandoci a diffondere l’iniziativa. 


Siamo grati di poter contare sul vostro supporto.



#ItalyStayStrong. The fundraising campaign against COVID-19 launched by the Embassy of Italy in partnership with the Italian Scientist and Scholars in North America Foundation (ISSNAF)


Dear friends, 


The COVID-19 emergency has placed Italy and the United States before an unprecedented challenge. Italy and Italians have responded with courage, from doctors and nurses on the front line to law enforcement officers, from the many volunteers to businesses, to all the citizens who every day make great sacrifices. Throughout the emergency, the United States—the Administration, the private sector, no-profit organizations and our American friends—have shown solidarity and unity toward our Country and people. 


Given the situation, the Embassy of Italy and ISSNAF, in collaboration with the Italian consular and cultural network in the US, have launched the #ItalyStayStrong fund raising campaign through GoFundMe to assist Italy and its people. The funds will be devolved to three Italian medical and research institutes that not only have been at the forefront of the outbreak relentlessly fighting the pandemic, but are also engaged in scientific research of therapies and vaccines:


- the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome,

- the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan,

- the Cotugno Hospital in Naples.


You can make your donation by visiting the following link


Please join us in supporting the #ItalyStayStrong campaign, by following us on social media and helping us spread the word. 


We are grateful to be able to count on your support. 

April 1, 2020


Si riporta di seguito a scopo di divulgazione tra i connazioali interessati, una sintesi delle disposizioni contenute nell'Ordinanza, anche pubblicate sul sito MAECI:


1. Il vettore e' responsabilizzato: l'autocertificazione sui motivi del viaggio (vedi secondo allegato) va consegnata anche all'imbarco e deve contenere i motivi del viaggio in modo dettagliato (salute, lavoro, necessita' assoluta), l'indicazione del luogo dove si trascorreranno i successivi 14 giorni di isolamento e un recapito telefonico anche mobile. Per "necessita' assoluta" si intendono le ragioni indicate nella FAQ pubblicata sul sito MAECI:


2. Chi arriva dall'estero non puo' prendere mezzi di trasporto pubblici, ma solo mezzi privati (quindi o qualcuno viene a prenderlo all'aeroporto, porto o stazione oppure l'interessato noleggia una macchina o, nei limiti in cui e' consentito, prende un taxi o un'auto a noleggio con conducente).


3. La quarantena deve adesso essere fatta da chiunque entri in Italia. Quindi anche da chi entra con mezzo privato. Chi entra in Italia per lavoro puo' ancora utilizzare la possibilita' di rimandare l'inizio della quarantena di 72 ore (prolungabili per altre 48), nei limiti in cui cio' sia assolutamente necessario.


4. Tutti coloro in ingresso dall'estero, anche con mezzi privati, devono avvisare l'Azienda sanitaria locale competente per territorio.


5. L'isolamento puo' essere trascorso anche in un luogo diverso dalla propria abitazione, scelto dall'interessato.


6. Se qualcuno, arrivando in Italia, non ha luogo dove passare quarantena o non riesce a raggiungerlo (non possono venirlo a prendere, non trova stanza d'albergo che lo accolga...), allora deve trascorrere il periodo di isolamento in luogo deciso dalla Protezione civile, con spese a carico dell'interessato.


7. Sono esclusi da queste regole: lavoratori transfrontalieri, personale sanitario, equipaggi di trasporto passeggeri e merci.


Si consiglia infine di consultare regolarmente i seguenti link istituzionali dedicati alle misure in materia di contenimento dell'epidemia e gestione della situazione emergenziale, che sono oggetto di frequente aggiornamento da parte delle autorita' competenti:


a) Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, sezione del nostro sito "Focus: Cittadini Italiani in rientro dall'estero e cittadini stranieri in Italia, al link


b) Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, rubrica "Coronavirus, le misure adottate dal Governo", al link


c) Ministero dell'Interno, sezione "Speciale Coronavirus" (ove e' reperibile il modello di autodichiarazione allegato al presente Messaggio), al link


d) Ministero della Salute, sezione "Nuovo coronavirus", al link


e) Dipartimento della Protezione Civile, sezione "Emergenza coronavirus", al link

March 24, 2020


Alitalia richiede in modo tassativo di essere dotati di mascherine per viaggiare su voli. Le mascherine sono disponibili per l'acquisto in alcuni negozi in aeroporto.

L'Alitalia ha una minima disponibilita` per casi estremi quindi e` necessario che il passeggero ne sia gia` dotato.


Alitalia requires all passengers to wear masks during the flights.  Masks are available in some stores at the airport.  Alitalia has available a small quantity of masks for urgent cases.  Therefore, it is required that each passenger has his/her own mask before boarding the plan.

March 18, 2020

Alitalia ha per ora deciso di mantenere due frequenze giornaliere da JFK a FCO (AZ 609/AZ611) fatta eccezione per il 19 / 22 / 27 Marzo, date nelle quali prevedono un solo operativo.  


Alitalia has decided to maintain two daily flights from JFK to  FCO (AZ 609/AZ611) except for March 19, 22, and 27 - On these days there will be only one flight.

March 18, 2020


Alitalia informa che stanno gestendo in parte le chiamate localmente perché il centralino di Alitalia è intasato.

Il numero sempre attivo dalle 3AM alle 18 locali di NY è il seguente:

1-800-223-5730 – il call center è gestito dal team in Albania fino alle 12 e dalle 12 alle 18 dal team locale di NY.


Per urgenze di connazionali che chiamano direttamente i consolati abbiamo due opzioni:

  • Casi urgenti con voli nelle prossima 24 ore: 800.925.4825 – dal Lunedi al Venerdì dalle 9 alle 18

  • Casi meno urgenti: inviare una e-mail con la richiesta a

Questa soluzione vale per questa settimana e molto probabilmente anche per la prossima salvo cambiamenti di gestione.



Alitalia informs that they are handling some of the calls in the U.S. because the Alitalia switch board has reached capacity.

The number 1-800-223-5730 is always active from 3:00 am to 6:00 pm


For urgent needs Italian citizens that call directly the consular offices have two alternatives:

  • Urgent situations – leaving within 24 hours – can call 800.925.4825 from 9:00 am to 6::00 pm from Monday to Friday.

  • Less urgent situations: send an email with your request to  This is for this week and very likely for next week as well.

March 16, 2020

Alitalia Flights To Italy

Vi informiamo che l’Alitalia ha trovato delle mascherine da fornire ai suoi passeggeri che vengono fatti sedere distanziati gli uni dagli altri.


Tutte le notizie relative ai voli sono reperibili sul suo sito, oppure anche tramite SMS a tutti i passeggeri in tempo reale.


I voli Alitalia continueranno a giorni alterni o comunque vengono assicurati con una certa frequenza.


Per le scuole o college consultare i siti relativi.



We inform you that Alitalia has masks available for all passengers and that passengers are seated at an appropriate distance from one another.

Passengers can find flights information the Alitalia’s website, or in real time via SMS

The flights will continue every other day, or in any event will be guaranteed with some degree of frequency

Information regarding schools and colleges are available on their websites.

March 6, 2020

Due to the increased risk associated with COVID-19, the Italian Honorary Consulate in Charlotte, NC will stop all interactions with the public, including for passport and visa applications, and other services, for the foreseeable future. We are taking this measure to protect our employees and the general public from potential exposure to the virus. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and will resume all activities when the risk of infection has significantly decreased.

In the meantime, if you require passport or visa services, please contact the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia, PA:

(215) 592-7329

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

March 3, 2020

Please see the important message below from the Consul General of Philadelphia, the Honorable Pier Forlano, about Italy's tireless work in response to COVID-19. #italydoesnotstop

ITALY’S RESPONSE TO COVID-19 - #Italydoesnotstop

Italy is leading the fight. COVID-19 is spreading globally. Italy is among the leading nations fighting the outbreak across the world, on top of countering the virus on Italian soil. Italian authorities have set out for our action to be:

  1. Serious

  2. Transparent

  3. Timely

  4. Proportionate.

The virus is under control in Italy. The outbreak is contained and areas affected by stringent restrictive measures (red zone) amount to 10 municipalities – 0.1% of all Italian municipalities and 0.05% of the national soil. The number of healed subjects is consistently rising.

Made in Italy is safe. There is no risk of contagion through made in Italy exports or other traded goods.

Italy is prepared. Italy has one of the best public health systems in the world and is consistently ranked as one of the world’s healthiest nations by the World Health Organization, the United Nations and other observers.

Italy’s response to COVID-19 has included:

  1. Testing free of charge to all those who exhibit symptoms;

  2. Helping families by supporting paid-leave/ family medical leave/work-from-home options;

  3. Raising heightened public awareness about the hygiene measures needed to counter the outbreak.

  4. Ramping up clean-ups of common areas in buildings/bus and rail stations/ airports/classrooms;

  5. Set up dedicated facilities within hospitals solely devoted to treating COVID-19.

Italy’s response is focused on transparency and public health. The high number of confirmed cases in Italy is related to efforts to widely test and diagnose our public. Italy also wants to offer the international scientific community a detailed and updated picture. President Mattarella stressed that “knowledge is the antidote to irrational fears”.

Over 23,000 swab tests have been performed in Italy, more than most other nations. The number of confirmed cases reflects the high number of tests.

Italy is pooling with the US, other countries and international organizations in order to defeat the virus. Italy works closely on COVID-19 with the US, other partners and international organizations, notably the WHO and the European Center for Disease prevention and Control. On March 2nd Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised Italy’s “transparency and tireless work” in the fight against COVID-19.

A collective response of the international community to the outbreak is necessary – leadership such as the G7 can move the global response forward.

Italy is at the forefront of world-class science and innovation aimed at countering COVID-19. Italy’s scientific community is a driving force behind the international fight against COVID-19. World-renown Italian scientific and industrial ingenuity is rising up to the challenge.

Italian virologists have isolated the virus and its DNA sequence. The genome will be crucial in understanding and defeating COVID-19. Italy has shared the DNA sequence of the virus with the World Health Organization and is working closely with US health authorities, notably the NIH.


Casa della Cultura Italiana - North Carolina

1704 East Blvd., Suite 101  |  Charlotte, NC 28203  |  704-243-8133  |