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About Us


We are a non-profit proudly promoting Italian business, technology, language, and culture in North Carolina. We work to advance our community through our support of local Italian businesses and cultural initiatives.


We were founded in Charlotte, NC in 2015 through the dedicated work of the Honorary Consul of Italy to North Carolina, and local Italian business leaders who believe in our mission.



Our Mission


CCI-NC is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a strong relationship between the Italian community in North Carolina and the local community.

To fulfill its mission, CCI-NC is committed to:


  1. Promoting the diffusion of Italian business culture through the promotion of trade and foreign direct investment between Italy and North Carolina.

  2. Serving as a business education resource for Italian companies based in North Carolina and U.S. companies based in NC that are interested in doing business in Italy.

  3. Supporting North Carolinian cultural institutions showcasing Italian art and business culture.

  4. Promoting the Italian language.

  5. Raising funds, primarily within the Italian community, to support local communities (e.g., schools, scholarships for underprivileged students, cultural events, etc.).

  6. Promoting Italian art and culture, as well as scientific and business endeavors.



What We Do


Each year, CCI-NC holds two key events – one promoting Italian culture and one promoting Italian business and technology. 

For the cultural event, CCI-NC supports the work of Opera Carolina with a reception connected to one of their performances. As a treat for guests, Italian singers in the opera give a sneak peek by singing a song and sharing their beautiful voices. For those who are unaware, opera is an Italian word meaning “work”, and it was created as an art form in Italy in the early 1600s. Italian opera still leads the way and influences operas created and performed around the world.

For the business and technology event, CCI-NC has put together a round table series that focuses on Italian technology and Italian FDI (foreign direct investment) in North Carolina. Each year, three to four Italian companies come together to discuss their technological advances and how they are bringing this innovation to North Carolina. The panel might be connected by a single industry or theme, or they might represent the depth and breadth of Italian investment in the State. We have partnered with both UNC Charlotte and North Carolina State University to bring this series to Charlotte and Raleigh.  

CCI-NC is also proud to offer an Italian language scholarship each year. We work with a university in North Carolina to select a deserving student to attend a language program in Milan. Why Milan? As home to Italy’s Stock Exchange, it is a hub for business and technology, not just food and fashion. It is the perfect location for a student to holistically learn what Italy has to offer, enabling them not only to come back proficient in the language, making them valuable job candidates to the more than 100 Italian firms that call North Carolina home but also as ambassadors to help spread the word that Italy has it all.

In addition, we foster a sense of community by organizing the “Aperitivo con Amici” monthly gatheringThese casual meet-and-greet opportunities take place on the second Friday of each month. While it started in Charlotte, we are slowly growing to more cities in North Carolina to help the community stay connected across the state!

Want to learn more? View our past events here and stay up-to-date on upcoming events here.


Who We Serve


Through our mission, we aim to serve Italians living in North Carolina, Italian businesses in the state, and North Carolinians with Italian heritage or those merely interested in Italy. Our events are open to anyone in the community who wants to connect, learn about Italy, and celebrate what Italians bring to the area. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Be sure to visit our Contact Us page to sign-up for our e-newsletter or send us any questions you may have!

Please note, while founded by the Honorary Consul of Italy to North Carolina, and while we are deeply connected to the office and share important information through our monthly e-newsletter and Facebook page, we do not answer Honorary Consulate questions. Instead:

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