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2022 Scholarship Recipients - Aaron Lobo & Wolfgang White

Aaron and Wolfgang 2.jpg

February 13, 2023

Due to cancellations from COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021, the board members decided to grant two students scholarships to study in Italy for five weeks over the summer of 2022. The recipients, Aaron Lobo and Wolfgang White, studied at Scuola di Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan to hone their Italian language skills.

They shared a presentation of their experiences abroad at the scholarship reception on February 13, 2023 for a panel of CCI-NC board members and several members of UNC Charlotte's Italian Club. Aaron reflected on the welcoming nature of Italians as he began his journey with the language and country while Wolfgang discussed what the pair learned about Italian business and manufacturing.


While in Italy, they visited Paolino Bacci, Comi Condor, and the Polaris Group (Polaris and Delta) to see how the organizations function firsthand. Wolfgang noted that the future looks bright for Italian businesses in terms of development, innovation, and sustainability.

Both Aaron and Wolfgang enthusiastically agreed that they would like to return to Italy, whether for work or for leisure, and to continue their Italian studies. Bravo, Aaron and Wolfgang!

Aaron and Wolfgang with Mr. Giuseppe Bacci, CEO of the Bacci Group at the Bacci Headquarters in Cascina, Italy. Bacci specializes in 5-axis and multi-axis CNC machining centers for the woodworking industry. 

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