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2019 Scholarship Recipient - Greg Markowski

October 1, 2020


Greg Markowksi, the recipient of the 2019 CCI-NC Italian Language Scholarship (awarded in conjunction with UNC Charlotte), recently presented on his six weeks abroad on a Zoom call.

Greg shared his experience as a language student at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, where he studied for four hours a day. By his third week he was able to hold conversations with his instructor. Greg spoke about the welcoming Italian culture, and the great friends he met in Milan. He was struck by certain customs, such as how people don't drink coffee with milk after the morning, and how everyone kisses on the cheek.

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Greg, who is a mechanical engineering student, also spoke at length about his visits to two Italian manufacturers: Comi Condor and Le Caselle. Regarding the Italian business culture, he learned that personal relationships are extremely important, that business tends to take place in person (rather than over the phone or by email), and that the Italians tend to be relaxed on time.

He learned a great deal about what each company produces as well: industrial centrifuges and snack pellets.

He even got the opportunity to visit Le Caselle's American subsidiary, LC America, upon his return to the U.S.

Greg's presentation was extremely professional, thorough, and well-presented.

Bravo Greg!
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