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An Evening of Culture: Backstage Reception at Opera Carolina

Saturday, November 9th

Belk Theatre

Charlotte, NC

CCI-NC was pleased to host a backstage reception following Opera Carolina's performance of Verdi's Macbeth.

Verdi adapted this Shakespearean tragedy into an equally tragic opera. It looks at the damage that power can cause when someone with political ambitions seeks it for its own sake.

After Macbeth has a vision of three witches who predict that he will become King of Scotland, he murders the king to assume the throne. His wife, the tragic hero of the tale, is flawed by her own power-hungry ambition. Macbeth proceeds to commit more murders to stay ahead of arising suspicion, while Lady Macbeth slowly goes mad from her own shame.


Valentina Cecchi, VP of CCI-NC, is pictured with Gianluca Sciarpelletti who portrayed Macduff in the show, as well as husband, Daniel Andrepont, and friends.

CCI-NC's backstage reception, which was attended by Maestro James Meena, principal members of the cast, CCI-NC board members and donors, began with a Prosecco toast. Maestro Meena and Dr. Claudio Carpano, Honorary Consul of Italy to North Carolina, gave a few words as guests enjoyed miniature desserts. It was great fun to get a peek behind the scenes of such a beautiful and renowned venue.


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